From April 2015, all preschools, nurseries, childminders and schools will be able to claim extra funding through the EYPP. A leaflet explaining the EYPP is displayed for parents to read, and we understand that parents do not have to apply for this if they don’t wish to.

At Jack in the Box, we identify the children entitled to this small, extra funding and calculate the amount this will allow us to spend in providing extra resources and activities for these children to ensure they reach their full potential both academically and sociably.

All children have their progress assessed by their key person and this will allow us to identify their needs in particular areas so will can allocate resources appropriately.

It is important that we are inclusive and all children are treated equally, so any extra funding will be used discreetly.

The types of ways the funding will be used;

  • Extra resources that could help with an area of development
  • Resources accessed via the Toy Library, membership required.
  • All children to be given an opportunity to attend our trips, sessional fee to be reduced, and transport could be arranged if possible.
  • Staff ratio to be increased for some group times so children get smaller groups that could be more targeted to their individual needs.
  • Set time of the week could be allocated a staff member for a selected activity that has been highlighted as a specific need.

This list is not exclusive and will be consistently reviewed, each term of each year.

Published: 11th September 2021
Review: September 2022
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