Jack in the Box playgroup will ensure that names of all visitors on site are recorded for emergency, insurance and registration purposes.

  • All visitors are valued for whatever reason, but the children are our priority and must come first.
  • All visitors will be welcomed and their enquiries dealt with as soon as possible.
  • Children and parents are welcome to visit us prior to joining the setting.
  • No visitor will be left alone with children or accompany children to the toilet.
  • Whenever possible visitors should make an appointment to visit the setting.
  • Visitors will be requested to sign in and out of the premises, giving their reason for the visit.
  • The fire evacuation procedure and confidentiality policy will be explained to all visitors upon entry to the premises as well as our policy on mobile phones and the taking of photos.

Since the outbreak of Coronavirus our policy has been adapted until further notice from the government.
– All visits are restricted and only where deemed necessary.
– Covid questions will be asked and a temperature will be recorded
– A small sectioned off area of the room, away from the children and accessed through a separate door will be provided.
– Staff and visitor will be expected to wear face coverings and socially distance.

If a visitor calls unannounced;

  • If the doorbell sounds a senior member of staff would shut and lock the door from the main room, check if a child was in the toilet before opening the door to an enquiry. If a child was in the toilet we would wait until the child was back in the room.
  • Ask for identification, who they wish to see and request the purpose of their visit.
  • Show them to a comfortable area where they can wait until someone is free to speak to them.
  • Explain that the setting is busy and they may have to wait until a staff member is free to deal with them. Give the option of waiting or making an appointment.
  • In all cases, ensure that the visitor’s book has been signed and procedures explained.

NB: The setting/staff have the right to refuse entry to an individual if they are uncertain as to the purpose of their visit.

Published: 16th September 2021
Review: September 2022
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